• Keeping It Mindfully 100 Face to Face Contact Tour.

    West Hollywood to San Fran

  • Your Story Matters.

    I am hopping on a bus traveling city to city from Los Angeles to San Francisco to interview, listen and learn.


    I have a hypothesis that I want to prove or disprove.


    Face to Face Contact is more / as important then online contact for inclusive social progress.


    If you are open minded and willing to agree to a few very simple *rules.


    Lets meet up.


    Topics that will be discussed

    • Social Media
    • Health Care
    • Politics
    • Family
    • Society
    • Environment
    • Activism
    • Economics (Taxation, Old versus New Economy Blockchain).
    • Your projects, work, hopes, aspirations

    (KIM100) *Rules

    You must agree to honor the KIM Code

    1. I will not interrupt when the other is speaking.
    2. I will not use hateful language towards another person or group.
    3. I will share my story honestly and openly.